Other resources

Learn from successful practitioners of cross-cultural partnerships

Powerboat vs Sailboat


  • Handbook on Parntership (147.39 KB)

    By Phil Thornton, PhD. A concise 11-page overview of how to begin and sustain a cross-cultural partnership.

  • Come Be A Part and Make a Difference (754.54 KB)

    By Hindustan Bible Institute. A thorough 197-page guide to fruitful short-term mission trips, presented by HBI's ministry in India.

How major agencies have made the shift

Accountability and dependency

Forms / organizational competence

  • Organizational Development Evaluation (273.44 KB)

    A form to measure the health and effectiveness of a partner’s organization

  • Ministry Profile (99.66 KB)

    From Partners International. A 2-page form for gathering basic information on a partner ministry.

  • Partnership Agreement (486.43 KB)

    From Mission ONE. A simple agreement outlining responsibilities and in the context of godly character, cultural intelligence, and organizational competence,

  • Partnership Development Plan (104.9 KB)

    From Partners International. A form to describe the partnership ministry plan, including vision, objectives, desired outcomes, etc.

  • Project Proposal Form (97.15 KB)

    By Partners International. A 2-page form filled out by international partners for the purpose securing funds.

Short-term mission teams

  • Come Be A Part and Make a Difference (754.54 KB)

    By Hindustan Bible Institute. A comprehensive, 197-page manual to prepare short-term teams for a fruitful cross-cultural missions experience.

  • Discipleship Through Partnership (163.03 KB)

    By Steve Norris, Northbrook Church. A 26-page guide to preparing teams for short-term missions trips and cross-cultural partnership.

Lessons learned