Plenary session presenters

Alex Araujo

Plenary session: To Catch the Wind: Comparing Powerboat & Sailboat Paradigms in Cross-Cultural Ministry

Alexandre (Alex) Araujo is Senior Advisor to the President, United World Mission. He is the primary author (with Mary Lederleitner and Werner Mischke) of the article, “To Catch the Wind: A New Metaphor for Cross-Cultural Partnership” (available here). This article, and the sailboat paradigm which it represents, has been widely discussed in the international missions community as an effective mindset for cross-cultural collaboration.

Alex was born and raised in Brazil, studied at San Jose State University in the USA and served with the IFES in Portugal from 1970 to 1975, and with a prison ministry in California from 1976 to 1979. During this time he received a Master’s Degree in Political Science. From 1979 to 1986, Alex worked for the City of Sunnyvale in California. Alex and Katy and their children attended Crossroads Bible Church and served in the missions committee during this period. In 1986, Crossroads send us out as missionaries to Brazil, to do missions mobilization for Latin Americans through COMIBAM (the emerging Latin missions movement).  

Alex was executive director of COMIBAM from 1986 to 1989, coordinating the first COMIBAM congress, held in Brazil in 1987. After that he served as Director of International Ministries for Partners International. He served for three years with Interdev, and helped found International Partnering Associates (IPA) in 2003. Alex served as International Coordinator of IPA until 2007.  He also served as senior partnership consultant for Partners International until 2012. Alex joined the United World Mission leadership team in March 2012. In this role he is mentoring other field missionaries, and helping the leadership develop mission strategies. 

Alex and Katy have three children and 7 grandchildren.

Chris Clayman

Plenary session: The North American City: A Nexus of Cross-Cultural Partnership to Reach the Unreached

Chris Clayman is the Director of Global Gates Network, an organization focused on making disciples among unreached peoples in U.S. cities. He has been involved in pioneer church planting in urban and rural West Africa and he is the author of ethNYcity: The Nations, Tongues, and Faiths of Metropolitan New York ( Chris lives with his wife and three children in the Bronx where they continue working with West Africans.

Steve Corbett

Plenary session: When Helping Hurts and “When Helping Transforms” in Cross-Cultural Partnership

Steve Corbett is an Assistant Professor of Community Development at Covenant College and serves as a Community Development Specialist for the Chalmers Center. Previously, Mr. Corbett served as Director of Field Operations and Training for the Chalmers Center. Prior to coming to Covenant College, Steve worked for Food for the Hungry International (FHI) as the Regional Director for Central and South America for two years. Before assuming these responsibilities, he served as the Director of Staff Training for nine years. In this capacity, he participated in the orientation and training of 1500 staff working in 25 countries. Mr. Corbett has a B.A. from Covenant College and a M.Ed. in Adult Education from the University of Georgia. He is the coauthor of When Helping Hurts; How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor and Yourselves, Helping without Hurting: The Small Group Experience and Helping without Hurting in Short-term Missions. More importantly than all the above, Steve is married to the love of his life, Mary. They have 7 children and recently gained the honored title of grandma and grandpa.

Paul R. Gupta

Plenary session: From My City in India: Latest Lessons in Partnership for Completing the Great Commission

Paul R. (Bobby) Gupta serves as the President and Director of Hindustan Bible Institute &  College, India. His primary vision is to see the Gospel is accessible to every man, woman, boy and girl by establishing worshipping communities everywhere. His main thrust is equipping transformational leaders for discipling of nations, church planting through the equipping of strategic teams of national missionaries to reach the unreached people groups through a non-formal training; mobilizing the Church to a vision of discipling the nation through a strategy of saturation church planting; envisioning & mobilizing the global church for enabling of the engagement of the church in global missions and global experiential learning and developing next generation and emerging generation transformational leaders for the nations.

In the last 30 years of Paul’s ministry as the President of Hindustan Bible Institute & College, God enabled Dr. Gupta to start a church planting movement that has planted 8,266 churches through the mobilization of 761 national missionaries, with a membership of over 460,000 believers in 23 states of India and Nepal. More than 3 million people have responded to the Gospel through the various evangelistic outreach efforts of HBI. Dr. Gupta was also involved in envisioning, mobilizing and equipping over 135,060 pastors that took the Church presence from 114,000 to over 700,000 churches in the country.   During the 30 years of his ministry, HBI graduated over 10,500 men and women through its various leadership development training programs. God placed a vision in his heart to decentralize the training for the purpose of building leaders in their own context. HBI has started Regional training centers in various parts of India and God used him to start seven regional training centers to develop indigenous transformational leaders to disciple the nation. God opened the door to network with short term teams globally who have ministered alongside HBI and touch the lives of 400,000 people. 

Eldon Porter

Plenary session: Over the Horizon: Challenges and Opportunities for Cross-Cultural Partnership in the 21st Century

Eldon Porter seeks to facilitate effective engagement between the many global missions’ movements. He was raised in Nigeria in a missionary family, served for 21 years with SIM in Bolivia, South America and then for four years as SIM’s Deputy International Director for the Americas.

He currently serves as a Consultant for Global Engagement with mission networks in almost every continent of the world. He coaches network leaders through the challenges of both leading their network in the globalize world as well the related challenge of strategically networking their networks with other networks for effective global collaboration. 

With Missio Nexus he primarily coaches western mission leaders wrestling through the complexities of leading their agency that was developed in the “from the West to the rest” paradigm into the new partnership rich global paradigm referred to by many as “from anywhere to everywhere”.

Eldon manages—a website which highlights and tracks over 450 networks globally.

Workshop presenters (partial list)

Todd Bradley

Wokshop: Church and State: What Can the Government Teach the Church about Cross-Cultural Partnership—and Vice-Versa?

Dr. Todd Bradley is the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Williamson College in Franklin, Tennessee where he also serves as professor of world missions, leadership, and Bible. He brings a wealth of experience in leadership and intercultural work to the college. A retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, Dr. Bradley served for almost 30 years in a variety of unique leadership and intercultural duties, including squadron commander, NATO staff officer with the Turkish Air Force, and senior military liaison officer to German intelligence. He also served as a Defense Department Middle East analyst in Washington, D.C. where he advised senior leaders on key Arab states. In this capacity he worked closely with European, Arab, and Israeli governments.  

He concluded his military years as the associate academic dean at the prestigious National Intelligence  University in Washington, D.C. where he taught Middle East studies and intelligence relationships with allies. Following his military retirement in 2004, Dr. Bradley began his ministry years as a professor of missions and leadership. In addition to his leadership and teaching at Williamson College, he also teaches for Dallas Theological Seminary, and has taught at Grace Seminary, and the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon.

Paul Clayton

Workshop: Business for Transformation: Helping our Partners Transition to Sustainability

Paul Clayton is VP and Director of Business for Transformation (B4T) Strategies for  Mission ONE. Mission ONE mobilizes and trains the church for partnership with  national missionaries, focusing on unreached people groups and serving the poor and  oppressed. Paul works with Mission ONE national missionaries to incubate and  successfully execute B4T strategies (missional businesses) that produce a four-fold  return of: 1) Spiritual Impact- leverage the natural relationships formed in the  marketplace through commerce to make disciples of Jesus and plant churches. 2) Social  Responsibility- respect and dignify people through job creation, employee development,  ethical commerce, and serving the poor and oppressed. 3) Economic Viability- provide  goods and services that are beneficial to the community, and create economic wealth for  financial sustainability. 4) Environmental Stewardship- responsibly preserve God's  good creation and humanity's relationship to it.  

Paul has a MA in Global Studies with an emphasis in Business as Missions (BAM) from  Columbia International University. His past experience in missions includes  consultative work with BAM practitioners in Nepal, Editor and Key Contributor to the  Advocacy and Mobilization Issue Group of the BAM Global Think Tank, and Chairman  of the World Missions Board at the ten thousand-member, Mount Paran Church in  Atlanta, GA. Paul has a BBA in Marketing from the University of Georgia. His past  experience also includes 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial business.

Joel Hogan

Workshop: Best Practices for Transforming Denominational Missions through Cross-Cultural Partnership

Joel Hogan is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach. He has also studied at  Calvin College, Calvin Theological Seminary, Fuller Graduate School of Word Missions, Regent University and other institutions. After four years as a Christian School Bible teacher, Joel began working with Christian Reformed World Missions as a missionary in the Philippines, where he served from 1984–­2001. For fourteen years Joel planted churches and trained  leaders among several different people groups: seven years among the Ilongo people of  Panay Island and seven years among the Manobo, Mamanwa and Waray­Waray people of Leyte Island. In his last three years in the Philippines, Joel lived in Manila where he served as the Philippines Field Director. From 2001­–2004, Joel served as Director of  Resources, Training and Education in the World Missions offices in Grand Rapids. Joel was appointed and served from 2004­2006 as Deputy Director of Christian Reformed World Missions with primary responsibility for strategy management. Since 2006, Joel has been serving under Gary Bekker’s leadership as Director of International Ministries, supervising the Regional Leaders and ensuring the implementation of CRWM’s strategic plan for international programs.

Kim Kargbo

Workshop: Partnering with the Poorest of the Poor: Engaging Marginalized Peoples Toward Their Own Development
Kim Kargbo is the President & CEO of Women of Hope International, a ministry that walks alongside women affected by disabilities in Sierra Leone, and assists the global Body of Christ in reframing their thinking about disability. Kim has lived nearly half of her life in Sierra Leone, beginning when she was a child. In the early 90’s Kim initiated a Community Health Evangelism program promoting health education and disease prevention strategies in the rural northern province of Sierra Leone. This program continues to the present. During the devastating civil war in Sierra Leone she did relief work and managed a rehabilitation program for amputees. Kim is compelled in ministry by the Voice behind her and the faces before her, who need to hear the Gospel in a way that is meaningful to them.
Kim, along with her husband and three children, currently live outside of Memphis, Tennessee where she works in the Women of Hope headquarters office and commutes to Sierra Leone throughout the year.

Kim Kerr

Workshop: Women in the Window: Best Partnership Practices With Women and For Women in the Hard Places

Kim Kerr is the Founder and Executive Director of Women in the Window International. Her efforts are focused on local women leaders in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and their unique and distinct role in bringing the power, love, and light of Jesus Christ to some of the darkest places in our world today.

Prior to starting Women in the Window International, Kim served as the Director of Partners International Women, the women’s initiative of Partners International, for eight years, leading a team of dozens to train more than 8,000 women leaders in strategic ministry initiatives in the 10/40 Window.

She also served as the Executive Director of ONE Woman,the women’s ministry of Mission ONE, for five years, and as Executive Director of LifeCare Ministries, a wholistic, pro-life ministry for ten years, leading a team of eight staff members and more than 100 volunteers.

Kim is the author of Women in the Window, a narrative inductive Bible study for women. She has taught this course to women in Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Senegal, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ghana, Turkey, and Indonesia. She is currently preparing a Women in the Window trainer of trainers curriculum and a version of the course for Western women.

Mary Lederleitner

Workshop: Peril, Promise, Praise: Money and Accountability in Cross-Cultural Partnerships

Mary Lederleitner is author of the book Cross-Cultural Partnerships: Navigating the Complexities of Money and Mission (2010; InterVarsity Press). She serves as a consultant on the leadership team of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. She also serves as a researcher and adjunct professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Her passion is to help ministry leaders do their best work in the kingdom.

Bob Savage

Workshop: Selection, Sustaining, Maturing: The Sticky Business of Partnerships

Bob Savage was working as a young engineer when God called him into full-time ministry. He and his wife Martha left their jobs and studied at Fuller Theological Seminary, where Bob earned a Master of Divinity degree with a specialization in cross-cultural studies.

While at Fuller, Bob and Martha got to know outstanding international Christian leaders from all over the world. They longed to somehow help them. At the time they were also being mentored at their home church by Allen and Ruth Finley, who were pioneers in building the ministry of Partners International.

They decided to follow Allen and Ruth’s example, as Partners International was already doing what they felt called to do: helping local believers who are effectively impacting the most unreached parts of the world. It was a great fit, and now Bob has been with Partners International for 28 years. He has worn many hats, including serving at the International Director for the ministry for 7 years. He especially likes telling the story of what God is doing through PI’s heroic indigenous partners. He knows many of them personally, having been with them in 45 countries. Bob also serves on the Steering Committee of the Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries, a nationwide movement that advocates best practices in cross-cultural partnerships.

Presently, Bob serves as Director of Grant Development and as a partnership facilitator, helping our indigenous and USA partners develop relationships and work together. Martha is a professor in the Teaching English as a Second Language program at Gonzaga University, working daily with international students. They have two married daughters and are really enjoying being grandparents.